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Freediving | Spearfishing | Low Volume

We proudly present our 1st Philippine color inspired Freediving Mask “GARBO“.
A Primary product of Phooo Freediving Philippines. Freediving mask with extremely low internal volume and made with safety glass.

-Flying Colors of the Philippines
Low Internal Volume
Blue matte silicon skirt, White inner frame, Red outer frame, White straps, 3 yellow logo
Tempered Glass
-Extremly versatile
Soft Nose Pocket
Hard Case Included
Go out and dive | Recover Phooo

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Phooo freediving mask is the real deal when it comes to freediving. The best feature to describe it is that it is an extremely low volume mask that will really help you conserve a lot of air during diving and will even take you at greater depths. Another very unique feature of the mask is it’s extra soft nose pocket that only requires less effort for the diver during equalisation. It is also worth mentioning that you get a very low volume mask with a very wide wide vision underwater. The mask comes with a good hard case that will protect it wherever freediving takes you.

This is definitely a package mask that has almost all unique attributes with regards to efficiency and design for freediving.