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pHooo… The idea just started recently last November 2018 when two experienced freedivers thought and came up with the idea of making something that is entirely new to the market. Phooo is  a proud filipino freediving online shop that will be providing its own freediving brands and delivers not only for local filipino freedivers and spearfishers on the Philippines but also internationally. Phooo is dedicated to bring consumers reasonable prices that comes with quality freediving gears and apparels for every freedivers needs.

The name Phooo in fact came from the exhale sound that is being heard upon resurfacing on the water by freedivers and spearfishers to eliminate carbon dioxide build up in the tissues of the body in order to restore normal respiratory function.

The best part about Phooo is that we truly understand and choose the design and materials to use that will suit the best freediving needs for every freediver. We are made up of an instructor and a  very experienced freediver and spearfisher alike. We are proud to say that with years of experiences, we are committed to provide you the best gears and apparels for the best freediver/spearfisher that you will become.

Our aim is to basically introduce and build a name in the fast growing freediving community that when someone hears or sees the brand pHooo, it is automatically associated with being a reliable brand with reasonable prices that anyone can afford and of course the versatility of our products from beginners to top level freedivers.

Figuratively, Phooo will become the bridge to your destination and by filling that gap we will make your journey a lot safer and more enjoyable.

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