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Philippines. A country in south east asia which you have probably heard of when we say pacquiao and duterte. But, the country is not only being known for that, in fact it is slowly making its name as one of the most sought after paradise to build freediving schools and conducting competitions. It is also being considered as a home for many international record freedivers today to pursue their freediving career and establish their own businesses. Due to the popularity of freediving, more and more filipinos are getting into the sport. Today, there at most 30 filipino instructors scattered across the country and it paved a way for PHOOO. We see the need and rise of the demand of the sport. By filling up that gap, we are even more comitted to provide and deliver affordable and relible freediving and spearfishing gears and apparels to serve our very own filipino people.

PHOOO is a proud filipino brand that hails from the southern island of the country, MINDANAO. A home to 80 million people where freediving and spearfishing had long been practiced as a means living among the coastal areas of the island and most especially in the southern region where the well heard-of badjao’s or the sea gypsies are to be found.

Due to the natural diving skills of the badjao’s to go very deep, it got the attention of the international freediving organization and interests them to do a documentary about them by travelling to DAVAO. Davao is located on the south eastern part of mindanao where the current president hails from. It is the largest city in the philippines and considered top 10 of the world’s safest cities to visit according to the international statistics comission in 2015. The city is also the home of the deepest freediver in the philippines Juli Misuari reaching depths at -79 meters on a single breath. But thats not just Juli, there are plenty of badjao’s that can reach staggering depths close to him like Imam Gulisan. He is making big names in the country’s freediving competitions this year and one of the best to have ever competed. Because of the rising freediving sport in davao, DIVE TA BAI founder, Senior Freediver and RAID Freediving Instructor Mr John Mendoza was invited by DIVE TA BAI-DAVAO to make a freediving convention for fellow freedivers in Davao. DTB is considered to be the first and largest freediving community to date and counting in which PHOOO is also a proud member of it. Reaching out to help fellow freedivers and participate in the development and promotion of the sport is one of our priorities. PHOOO aims to provide and extend our hands to complete the missing piece of the puzzle. We do not only focus on selling diving apparels but also committed to the wellness of the freediving community. We consider DTB and other freediving organizations as our ally and a key to promote and share ideas for possible events in the future. Just recently, we are very honored to be invited and became a part of the first DIVE TA BAI Convention in Davao. It was a big event spearheaded by founder John Mendoza and with other guest speakers and also by DTB davao family. The convention is set to gather freedivers on the region with a mini competition on the pool. Static and Dynamic were contested to bring out the talents of Dabaweños. The best part of the convention was not about the competition but rather the knowledge and shared ideas bestowed to every participant of the event. It also made a way to create acquaintances and to have more insights on the care of our seas and marine life. At the end of the day the convention was indeed a success to everyone.

The next big event of freediving is the annual ASIAN FREEDIVING CUP which will be on June 9-11 held at Freedive Panglao, Bohol. It is a prestigious event that invites big names and about 60 international freedivers from around the globe to compete and set records. The event is being hosted by Owner, Businesman and Germany Freediving Record Holder Stefan Randig. PHOOO is honored and proud to take part of this awaited grand event. We are ever more eager and excited to see some of the best freedivers and to witness the event unfold.